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The goal of our practice to provide you with the best, most compassionate, and advanced eye care available anywhere in the country.   Our staff and doctors are fully committed to your well being.


Anaheim Eye has led ophthalmic care in Orange County since 1958.  It was the first multi-specialty ophthalmology practice in Orange County.  It has been here since before the University centers, before the large chain clinics, before any other clinic.  Over the decades, we have learned how to deliver to you the state of the art care that you deserve.

Our staff is hand picked and trained exclusively to meet the needs of eye surgery. Each member is fully trained, credentialed, and experienced in providing you with compassionate, diligent care.

All of our physicians are sub-specialists in their area of expertise. Following general medical training and full training in Ophthalmology, each underwent a further rigorous course of study in their respective fellowships at country’s leading academic centers. It’s this training, combined with their experience, and access to the world’s most advanced technology that enables them to provide you with the best care possible.

Anaheim Eye has the most advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment available anywhere in the world. In fact most other practices routinely refer patients to our practice because of this reason. They know that we are able to perform a test or a procedure not routinely available anywhere else. As one of the first places in Southern California to perform Laser Cataract Surgery, Anaheim Eye leads the county with innovative procedures and technology.

Satisfied Patients
Laser Eye Surgeries
Cataract Surgeries

Dr M. Neal at Anaheim Eye Institute, he is truly a great ophthalmologist, compassionate, spends time with patient. The best part, he tells you that he will submit a progress report to my primary care physician after our visit. This is what I mean by continuity of professional medical care!! They also have a wonderful team, all working together, and truly value their patients.

The staff and doctors take their time with you and I genuinely feel like they care. You’re not just a number to them. I’m so happy my primary doctor recommended me to them. If you need an eye doctor, this is the place to go.

I have been coming here ever since I first started wearing glasses/contacts about 15 years ago. They have been AMAZING! The doctors and staff have always exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t trust my eyes at any other doctor’s office, I’m a lifetime patient!